Our Mission

Our Mission

We aim to alleviate the suffering of patients living in poverty who struggle in obtaining access to health care centers by providing financial support to emergency rooms and inpatient medical care. In addition, EGATHA will cover the cost of their medications and paraclinical testing on an outpatient basis.

What Does Egatha Mean?


Egatha means to RESCUE

Who We Help

Lebanese patients visiting clinics, dispensaries, or emergency rooms where our team doctors and their connected doctors work.

Lebanese patients visiting the Karm El Zeitoun (KEZ) dispensary located within a very poor area in Beirut, are majority elderly patients with chronic diseases. These patients will be evaluated by a team of Lebanese medical professionals who work in governmental and private hospitals and/or volunteer as consultants at the KEZ dispensary.

Commitment of a Hospital

Sacré Coeur Hospital (HSC) is a private hospital located 3 km from Beirut, owned by the “Nuns of Charity”. They provide emergency, regular and intensive medical and surgical care of all specialties. Unlike many other hospitals in Lebanon, HSC is highly equipped for laboratory and radiological studies. They also have a contract with the Ministry of Health.

Sacré Coeur Hospital has agreed to allocate five beds per month for the mission's patients. These patients will be hospitalized and billed in accordance to the Ministry of Health costs.

What We Do